panorama over campingen

Harran Camping offers different types of accommodation. We have cabins in different size, and standards. From high quality timberlog-cabin with shower and toilet, to smaller cabins without supply of water and a single room with beds and so on. We can accommodate large families to single travelers with the need of a bed.

The Camping has the recent years been significantly upgraded with the total of 9 new cabins, and several of the older one has been upgraded as well.


We have also renewed the TV-room and the shower/toilet facility.

The upgrade has been followd by an environmental-friendly main road re-build thru the sentrum of Harran. The new road also facilitate new sidewalks with a total length of approx. 6 km, witch means you can talk a long walk along the Harran Sentrum and down to the Salmon Aquarium/restaurant.

Come, see and explore the Camping on the river-bed.